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Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath Venezuela's government-issued cryptocurrency #Petro is effectively being launched to help Venezuela circumvent fina… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 48m
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath The petro — Venezuela's government-issued cryptocurrency — launches today. Pre-sale for the petro, a cryptocurrency… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 2h
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath Tokenized capital markets in emerging markets can accelerate a leapfrog effect for growing startup ecosystems by pl… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 4h
Kohei Kurihara
Kohei Kurihara @kuriharan Check. Counterparty Cash Announces #ERC20 Competitor with Edge Wallet Support for #Tokens v… Retweetet von Stephan Horvath Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 4h
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath Blockchain the innovation beyond cryptocurrencies 2018 is shaping up to be the year the world wakes up to the true… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 8h

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