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Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath FLASHBACK: Technology - what other people were writing 20 years ago. Including Bill Gates' #bluescreen of death. He… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 1h
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath Interesting concept: ERT Ethearnal – autonomous decentralized #freelancing : 5% of all tokens are reserved for the… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 5h
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath When stocks trade too similarly, it's tougher for stock pickers to profit from unique #opportunities. Here are 21 c… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 7h
Stephan Horvath
Stephan Horvath @stephan_horvath "Bitcoin just shows you how much demand for money laundering there is in the world. It’s an index of money launderi… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 20. Apr
GSX Limited
GSX Limited @gibstockex Japan's basic #ICO guidelines are a positive sign for the global #crypto ecosystem. #Gibraltar has set an example w… Retweetet von Stephan Horvath Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 13. Apr
Kohei Kurihara
Kohei Kurihara @kuriharan Check. Decentralized Exchanges, Off-Chain Atomic Swaps, And A Brief Look Into The Future vi… Retweetet von Stephan Horvath Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 20. Apr

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